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For reliable automotive towing services in New York, trust our professional team to provide prompt and efficient assistance. We offer 24/7 towing solutions, ensuring peace of mind during roadside emergencies. Contact us for expert automotive towing services that prioritize your safety and convenience in New York.

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about us

about us

Our team of skilled professionals in Queens NY is dedicated to providing exceptional automotive towing services in NY, understanding client needs, and delivering personalized solutions. We prioritize transparency and trust, offering clear, fair estimates before work begins, ensuring clients feel heard and expectations are exceeded.



Our dedicated group of experts in Queens, NY provides efficient and caring emergency assistance, handling any vehicle-related problems with care and efficiency. We assess and provide necessary help, ensuring your return to the road quickly. 


Our experts prioritize clear communication and understanding when handling blocked driveway situations. We collaborate with car and property owners to ensure smooth towing services, reducing trouble for all parties involved. Our goal is to remove barriers and leave a positive impact.


Our experienced group of roadside automotive service pros offers efficient assistance for car issues, including flat tires and engine trouble. We use state-of-the-art tools and are committed to ongoing training to stay updated with the latest car innovations. 


Our experts in Brooklyn, NY provide Cash for Junk Cars Service that is a hassle-free solution for turning rundown vehicles into cash. Our team of professionals understands the true value of these vehicles and offers a fair price based on our condition. 

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Queenz Automotive LLC is a dedicated team in Queens Ny of certified professionals that offers a personalized, high-quality automotive towing services to meet your unique automotive needs. We prioritize promptness and reliability, ensuring swift responses to emergencies like roadside assistance, mechanical repairs, towing, and junk car cash. 

We believe in transparent and fair pricing, providing a clear understanding of costs before work begins. Our customer-centric approach ensures satisfaction, and we are committed to making any dissatisfaction right. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including roadside assistance, mechanical repairs, blocked driveway towing, and junk car cash.

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What Clients Say About Us

When my car broke down on the highway, the roadside assistance service provided by our team member, John Smith, was prompt and professional. We got me back on the road in no time

Emma Thompson

The roadside mechanical service at Queenz Automotive LLC in Brooklyn, NY exceeded my expectations. The mechanic, Sarah Davis, was knowledgeable and quickly diagnosed and fixed the issue with my vehicle.

Brian Johnson

I had an urgent situation with a blocked driveway, and the towing service, led by Mark Miller, came to the rescue. The team efficiently cleared the way, and Mark was courteous throughout the process

Olivia White

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Automotive towing services offers exceptional customer service, understanding and promptly addressing clients’ automotive issues, utilizing technical knowledge and personalized solutions with a human touch.